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Harbouring; It’s Not Just For Fugitives

As a kid and even through to adulthood I’ve always harboured the illusion that I could do the things I enjoy to a pretty high standard. Drawing, painting, playing guitar, singing; you name it, I though I was the shit at it. As it turns out however, I was only half right – I was shit at it. Read the rest of this entry »


And I’m Feeling Good

Motivation’s a funny thing. Sometimes all it takes is one tiny event to turn you into a slumping, world hating mess who’s main contribution to society is finally shutting up for more than twenty minutes. Other times a small spark of hope can be ignited inside, causing people to do something they’ve never done before. Read the rest of this entry »

A 1UP A Day Keeps the Doctor at Bay

Not too long ago, in a galaxy far, far away (Scotland to be more precise), the majority of the GamingLives writers met up at GLHQ (aka Markuz and Lorna’s place). Unfortunately, I was unable to attend due to a massive economy drive on my part in the run up to the Eurogamer Expo but the discussion after the meet up did inspire me to write this article. A lot of talk about the weekend seemed to largely revolve around the amount of sugary snacks, barbeque food and fizzy drinks consumed by our writers, which got me thinking about my own dietary requirements. Read the rest of this entry »

Engines Are Down

Stereotypes are very common in society. Most are negative, hurtful and wholly incorrect such as the belief some dickheads have that anyone wearing a turban must be a terrorist or that all gay men are sequin wearing queens. Others, while still being fairly derogatory are, for the most part, true and act as a lazy way to characterise a large group of people. While these stereotypes aren’t perfect, they do encapsulate the main characteristics of a group, for example the popular belief that gamers are anti-social geeks who love gadgets, Mountain Dew, toys and Maoam. While this stereotype isn’t so true today there are still some who fit this stereotype, so this article is for those brave souls still clinging on to the sinking ship of unsociable, basement dwelling gaming. Welcome to yet another survival guide, this time for the much more serious eventuality of a power outage. Included in this article are a few handy hints to stop you going insane without your precious console. Read the rest of this entry »

When I Was Your Age

Computer games, much like all other forms of media that came before it are the subject of much scrutiny. A lot of gamers think it’s unfair and unjust, but it’s not unusual. If artistic media were to be personified, computer games would be a Kevin and Perry-esque teenager, smoking behind their parents’ backs, acting up in public places and having wet dreams about the 18 certificate movie that lives next door while the book across the street sits in his rocking chair, pipe and slippers at the ready, laughing at the silly little blighters. Read the rest of this entry »

Flogging a Dead Horse

After the resounding success of my tropical island survival guide (rumour has it that Bear Grylls even printed a copy off for future reference), I decided to write another. We gamers are prepared for pretty much any form of invasion, disaster or rift through time and space so it’s only right that we share this knowledge with the world. This time we’re stealing a Delorean and travelling back to the Wild West. Read the rest of this entry »

Inferior Designs

As well as being a childlike geek with a passion for gaming, I have a rather artistic side. I love painting and sketching, I love writing, I love buggering about with Photoshop and I love admiring other pieces of art – even CD and computer game box art has its place and whether or not you like to admit it, so do computer games themselves. Just look at games like Prince of Persia, Bioshock and Mass Effect 2 and tell me they’re not works of art. Some games are so visually impressive you can’t help but mouth “wow” when you play them. The sheer scale of games like God of War III, which features boss battles with enemies the size of Norwich, the quirky art styles used in games such as the cel-shaded RPG-em-up Borderlands and fully immersive worlds the likes of which can be found in Fallout 3. Look me in the eye after playing any of these games and tell me that games aren’t works of art. Read the rest of this entry »